Sharpen & Wax $40.00
Full Tune-up (Includes Fill) $60.00
Ultimate Full Service (Saves $10.00) $90.00
Mount (Integrated Binding System) $75.00
Mount (Flat Ski) $100.00
Binding Adjustment $50.00


Sharpen & Wax $50.00
Full Tune-up (Includes Fill) $70.00
Ultimate Full Service (Saves $10.00) $100.00
Mount $25.00

Extra Charges

Rust Removal $10.00 & up
Extra fill $15.00 & up
Base welding $20.00 & up
Machine Hot wax only $15.00
Hand Hot Wax Only $25.00
Stone grind $20.00
Epoxy Work Starting at $15.00



The most important piece of your equipment is a properly fitted pair of ski and/or snowboard boots. Sizing of the boot is easy enough, however fitting the shape of the boot to the shape of your foot is the critical piece. Fit is everything! The correct size, volume, and flex are all must haves to make your next day on the slopes the best day. Some boots do take fine-tuning, so please do not hesitate to bring your boots in after 3-5 days of initial use if you feel any discomfort. We will tear your boot apart and rebuild it around your foot so you have the best comfort and performance. Boots purchased within the same season, with proof of purchase, will incur ZERO labor fees, but may incur a material fee, i.e. pads, wraps, shims, lifts, or foot beds. Benefits of a custom insole (foot bed) include a better fit inside your boots, increased energy transmission from foot to ski/board, increased comfort, correction of pronation or supination, less fatigue and less wasted energy.

Boot Consultation

Do your boots fit? Do your feet get cold? Has the fit changed over time? The answer could be something as simple as the socks you wear. Bring in your new or seasoned boots, along with your socks and foot beds for a consultation with Matty Z.

Custom Boot Service

Shell Work $100*
Liner Work $50*
Vacuum Fitting (Ski boots Only) $100*
Canting $15*
Pads, Wraps, Shims and Lifts $10 -$15 plus labor ($75 per hour)

*One-time fee per season, if additional work needs to be done in future seasons the fee will be applied again, subject to owner’s discretion.